Elon Musk Flashes Teaser Picture of Tesla Cyberpunk Truck

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk took to Twitter to unveil an image of what he described as a “teaser pic of Tesla cyberpunk truck” that was seemingly inspired by 1980s cyberpunk movie ‘Blade Runner.’

He posted the picture in a reply following a video playing the end theme from the movie starring Harrison Ford on his Twitter page. Musk said the teaser image was flashed about one minute after the song started playing.

The Tesla head has spoken before about his ambitions of making a pickup truck and hinted at a prototype in 2019.

The Model Y crossover that the chief executive officer debuted late Thursday in Hawthorne, California, will start being delivered to customers in the fall of next year. The company immediately began taking $2,500 pre-orders, a bigger ask than the $1,000 it first charged to reserve a Model 3 sedan.

His unveiling of a new electric vehicle that Tesla won’t deliver to customers for another year and a half rekindled concerns about the company’s cash position.

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