Playboy Bunny Easter mannequins now raising money for Notre Dame Cathedral

WOODLAND PARK, N.J. — Mannequins dressed as sexy Playboy Bunnies on display on the corner lawn of a New Jersey dental office now have a purpose: raising money to help rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

As Dr. Wayne Gangi prepared to take down the Clifton early this week, an area resident who called the mannequins dressed in sexy lingerie “abhorrent” recommended doing something “positive” with all the attention. He suggested raising money to donate it to restore the historic cathedral built in 1177 that suffered extensive damage from a fire Monday.

Gangi agreed and suggested that the critical resident make a sign and bring a bin for the donations.

The sign arrived Tuesday night and was placed among the mannequins along with a bin. An hour later, when it was taken inside for safekeeping, the bin contained $30, Gangi said. Even though the property is well-lighted, albeit with bright disco balls and fancy lights, and under video surveillance, Gangi said that after what happened last week, he wasn’t leaving the bucket outside.

The dentist was referring to a neighbor who had attacked his mannequin display with garden shears. 

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