A Hyatt-owned resort hotel in Austin is letting people 'test drive' life in Texas for $18,500 a month — see inside Miraval Austin

  • Miraval Austin created an extended stay program that lets people “test drive” what it’s like living in Austin, Texas.
  • The program starts at $18,504 for a month-long single occupancy stay.
  • Tech companies like Oracle and Tesla recently announced plans to relocate from California to Austin.
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Miraval Austin created an extended stay program that lets people “test drive” what it’s like living in Austin, Texas as tech companies continue to flock to the “next Silicon Valley.”

The new migration boom to Austin is no secret. Companies like Oracle and Tesla recently announced their plans to relocate from the Bay Area to Austin, Texas, a city that offers benefits like more advantageous tax laws and cheaper living costs.

Tech giants are the only ones eyeing a move to Texas. According to data from U-Haul, Texas saw the arrival of more one-way U-Haul trucks than any other state from 2016 to 2018.

The Lone Star State may have fallen from first place in 2019 and 2020, but it still hung on in second place after Florida and Tennessee, respectively.

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“Austin offers people the cachet of a cool cultural center and a burgeoning tech hub paying high wages, while still remaining much more affordable than coastal markets like San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle,” Jeff Tucker, a senior economist at Zillow, told Insider’s Natasha Solo-Lyons in December.

Now, Miraval — a Hyatt-owned chain with three locations — is taking advantage of this new spotlight on Austin by offering guests a chance to see all the city has to offer. 

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Miraval Austin has 117 guest rooms on 220-acres of land to create a "one-of-a-kind restorative haven."

Its latest extended stay offer was designed to allow people considering a move to Austin a chance to "test drive the area" before officially committing to a move.

The package starts at $18,504 for a month-long single occupancy stay.

Guests who book the deal will also get four additional nights for free.

The offer also includes a free aromatherapy Swedish massage …

… and $175 nightly credits to use on the resort grounds.

"There has been significant interest in the last week alone, with many phone inquiries and online chat inquiries about extended stays," Anthony Duggan, area vice president and general manager of Miraval Austin, told Insider in an email statement.

The resort, located by Lake Travis, is about a 30 minute drive to Austin.

This means anyone staying at the hotel under its new package will be able to easily explore the nearby city.

Miraval also offers Austin-focused features that can be seen throughout its decor and meals, according to the hotel.

However, living at the Miraval resort for a month would probably be much more luxurious than living in a typical Austin apartment.

For starters, most apartment buildings in Austin probably don't offer unlimited smoothies, coffee, or teas like Miraval does.

The hotel also has a catalog of "restorative outdoor activities" for its guests.

This includes a "challenge course," hikes, yoga, and horseback riding.

And Miraval's list of on-site activities doesn't just stop at outdoor adventures.

Unlike most hotels near a major city, Miraval was designed to be a "spa destination" with different wellness programs.

This emphasis on wellness can be seen throughout its lineup of other resort experiences.

This includes Miraval's list of culinary, "creative expression," and "spirit and soul" offerings …

… as well as a variety of spa-related activities, including "body renewal rituals."

Want to learn how to play with shadows for your Instagram photos? Miraval has an experience for that.

Looking for someone to help you through difficult times? Hit up the hotel's wellness counselor or spirit guide.

Bee enthusiasts can also learn how to become a beekeeper on the hotel's property.

If all of this sounds enticing to you, Miraval's extended stay offer also includes a shuttle to bring guests to and from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

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