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It’s understood a breakthrough was reached last night that might end the protests which have brought the beef-processing sector to a halt in recent weeks.

Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed held meetings today with a view to re-establishing talks on the ongoing beef dispute. All sides have outlined their positions in terms of what’s required to reconvene the process.

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The Minister and his officials will continue to engage with all stakeholders in an effort to convene talks at the nearest possible opportunity, a spokesperson for the minister said.

Commenting on the talks Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association President Pat McCormack has said that he hopes that the agreement reached this evening will represent a first significant step forward towards a resolution.

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Mr McCormack confirmed that the agreement sets out a sequence that involves the factories ceasing operation with the protesters lifting their pickets and meaningful talks aimed at a resolution to begin shortly thereafter.

Mr McCormack said that the process – if delivered upon – should give the space necessary for parties to engage on the basis of good faith and deliver a solution to what is now a major problem coming on top of other very serious challenges already facing Irish farming and food production.

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