Amazon, Google, and Verizon will be the big winners in the shift away from third-party cookies

  • The biggest demand-side platforms (DSPs), like Amazon and Google, are the companies best poised to navigate the shift away from third-party cookies.
  • And with the shift to third-party alternatives imminent, we could see these top players gain more market share.
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2021 is fast approaching, and with it are the major deadlines for the depreciation of third-party trackers from both Apple and Google.

As these cookies and trackers are sunset, marketers are expecting ad tech platforms like DSPs and measurement providers to spearhead the move to alternative tracking methods: 83% of US marketers surveyed agreed that ad tech platforms were responsible for doing so, according to wave nine of Advertiser Perceptions' DSP Report provided to Insider Intelligence.

Unsurprisingly, the largest DSPs were considered to be in the best position to navigate that shift—among them were Amazon (with 69% of marketers agreeing it was in a positive position), Google (63%), and Verizon (55%). And the dominance of these companies' DSPs extends beyond their capacity to shift to alternative trackers—those three are also the top-considered DSPs for connected TV (CTV) advertising, for example.

With CTV on the rise and the shift to third-party alternatives imminent, we could see these top players gain more market share in the coming year.

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