America’s Most Popular House Has 30 Crystal Chandeliers

Once a week, publishes a list of America’s most popular homes. Each is for sale. They range from small homes in remote areas to massive $100 million mansions in places like Los Angeles. This week the most popular home is located at 1284 Eagle Rd, New Hope, PA.

The house is for sale for $8,399,999. For that, an owner would get 6 bedrooms, 7.5 baths under a roof that covers 19,037 square feet. It sits on just above 11 acres. The house was built in 2009 when the national real estate market was crippled by The Great Recession. The current owner is after a huge profit. He or she bought it for $1.65 million in 2019.

Among the notable things about the home, the most notable is that it has 30 crystal chandeliers.

The home is near the Pennsylvania border with New Jersey, northwest of Trenton. It is also due west of Princeton. According to the Census, New Hope has a population of 2,530. The population is affluent with a median household income of $94,526, which is about 40% higher than the national average. The poverty level at 6.8% is well below the national average. The median price of a single-family home is an extremely high $614,137.

Nothing in the house is likely to wear out soon. According to the listing:

Essentially new construction – all HVAC, windows, plumbing, and electrical has been updated in the last 15 months, the home is built with the up most security in mind & is complete with 2 massive vaults – your very own walk in safety deposit boxes!

How expensive is the house? With a 20% down payment of $1,680,000 and a mortgage rate of 3.227%, on a 30 year fixed mortgage, monthly payments would be $35,066 a month. Of that $29,161 is principal and interest, $2,843 is property tax, and $3,062 is insurance.

Of course, mortgage rates are rising, so the monthly payment estimate may be low.

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