Blockchain Could Solve Some Most Critical Problems Of Refugees: WEF

Blockchain has the potential to help millions of refugees by solving some of their most critical problems, according to an article published by the World Economic Forum or WEF.

Ahmas Sufian Bayram, who wrote the article for the WEF, noted that blockchain, the decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger technology, could tackle refugee issues regarding documents, hunger and work.

Refugees generally are forced to leave behind important documents such as birth certificates and passports, and its nearly impossible to retrieve after leaving the country. WEF suggests that host governments and support organizations could issue digitally-authenticated ID documents based on the blockchain. Bitnation, a blockchain startup, helps refugees to obtain digital ID documents, which can be used to verify their identity, the article noted.

Regarding blockchain’s use to tackle hunger, the writer pointed out that nearly 22.5 million refugees are in need of daily support from NGOs and international organizations. With blockchain, all transactions made in shops and marketplaces could be tracked, in order to guarantee proper use of funds and avoid mismanagement.

The United Nations World Food Programme or WFP has directed resources to thousands of Syrian refugees in one of the largest-ever implementations of the Ethereum blockchain for a charitable cause, Sufian Bayram said. It gave refugees cryptocurrency-based vouchers that could be redeemed in participating markets.

Further, refugees have very limited access to work in the host countries, amid challenges such as learning the local language and acquiring new skills. In addition, many refugees are still in the process of assessing their asylum applications, even years after arrival.

In such situation, blockchain offers enhanced transparency and collaboration between governments, businesses and citizens. The article notes that governments could create blockchain work permits for refugees, who could then directly deal with employers or businesses.

Supporting blockchain start-ups is a step towards solving one of the most prominent crises of the current time, Sufian Bayram said.

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