Chipotle Is Trying to Deliver Its Burritos to You Even Faster

Two minutes usually flies by — unless you’re hungry and waiting for a burrito.

That’s whyChipotle Mexican Grill Inc. is trying to shave another two to three minutes off delivery times. The chain has already cut averagedelivery times to less than 30 minutes from 34 minutes in May — but Chipotle says it can be even faster.

“Just a few minutes makes a tremendous amount of difference,” Curt Garner, chief digital and information officer, said in an interview Tuesday. “The hallmark of Chipotle has always been our quick throughput, and we can’t stand still.”

One thing that’s helping Chipotle move faster: in-restaurant shelving reserved just for digital orders. While only a handful of restaurants are testing the shelves now in New York, Chipotle is expanding the feature to 500 locations over the next two months. The shelves let diners pick up their own digital orders without waiting in line and allow third-party delivery couriers to just grab the meals and go.

Chief Executive Officer Brian Niccol has been trying to turn around Chipotle by expanding delivery with DoorDash and Postmates, testingnew foods and ramping up advertising since taking the helm earlier this year. Niccol’s also trying to boost speed — something the chain refers to as “throughput.”

“That remains a top priority for our restaurant teams, and for Brian,” Garner said.

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