Cooking the Books podcast: How to start the money conversation with your partner


Each week the NZ Herald’s Cooking the Books podcast tackles a different money problem. Today, it’s how to start talking money with your partner, so that you can work together better. Hosted by Frances Cook.

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Talking to your partner about money is more important than ever.

The economy is having a rough time, people are losing jobs, and then Christmas rolls around with the expectation that you spend a bunch.

If you’re not talking to your partner about how you’re handling these things, you can end up accidentally undermining each other.

But then, it can be a tricky conversation to have.

Egos get in the way, people have different ways of handling things, and conflict crops up.

The solution doesn’t have to be that you ignore it and hope for better, though. You can have a better conversation, with a bit of strategy.

For the latest podcast I talked to money mentalist Lynda Moore

We discussed at what point in the relationship you should talk money, the low-pressure ways to start the conversation, and how much you should share with your partner.

For the interview, watch the video above, or listen to the podcast.

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