Covid Conditions In US Continue To Improve Nationally

Covid conditions in the United States continue to improve nationally, with the number of positive cases being reported at their lowest point since April.

25 percent fall in cases was recorded in the last two weeks, according to the New York Times’ latest data.

5023 new infections on Sunday took the total U.S. Covid cases to 96,701,750.

Covid casualties have fallen by 12 percent in the past two weeks, and to less than 400 per day.

The total number of people losing their lives due to coronavirus infection in the country has risen to 1,062,578, as per Johns Hopkins University’s latest data.

U.S. hospitals reported a 9 percent decrease in the number of Covid patients in the last two weeks. The number of I.C.U. admissions due to the worse stage of the viral disease has fallen by 12 percent.
Covid hospitalizations fell to 26,898. 3206 of these patients are admitted in intensive care units.

The nation’s current test positivity rate is 8.5 percent.

As per the latest data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 225,870,613 Americans, or 68 percent of the eligible population, have been administered both doses of Covid vaccine so far. This includes 92.6 percent of people above 65.

48.9 percent of the eligible population, or 110,560,974 people, have already received a booster dose that is recommended to provide additional protection from the killer virus.

37.9 percent of the eligible population, or 24,830,426 people, have taken a second booster dose.

500 additional deaths were reported globally on Sunday, taking the total number of people who lost their lives due to the pandemic so far to 6,557,778.

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