Cramer's lightning round: I like Rio Tinto Group

  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rings the lightning round bell, which means he's giving his answers to callers' stock questions at rapid speed.

23andMe Holding Co.: "This stock is at $8. I mean, honestly, I think it should be higher. … Let's get them on the show. Something must be wrong for that stock to be at $8."

AppHarvest: "It's one of those stories that almost seems too good to be. It's agritech, which has got to be the future, right? It's got to be, but the future is not now. It's too early for that stock. I like the principles, though."

Starwood Property Trust: "Well, I think Barry Sternlicht is a genius. How about the fact he came on when the stock was at $18 and people worried about the dividend? He came on and he said it's safe and it's a growth company, and he was right and he's welcome on the show any time he wants to be."

Big Lots: "Big Lots, they've been angry at me ever since I said that I didn't like all the different chips, like potato chips, in the aisle when I was trying to buy stuff, but I've got tell you: I was right."

Wheels Up: "I always thought that Wheels Up was more of a private club and then it became public, but then again, I've got to tell you: I was right."

Smith & Wesson Brands: "These stocks trade on gun legislation. [If] people think there is going to be gun legislation they make it a focus to be able to buy guns, but it has not seemed to be a major focus of the Biden administration so people are just saying, 'Hey, business as usual,' and that's not good enough to support the stock."

Rio Tinto Group: "People think this one is not going to have a good number next year. Remember, people feel like if you buy a stock this year and the number is going to go down next year, you've got to sell it. I disagree with them. I like the stock, and I'm going with you with Rio."


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