FDA Warns Against Fulvic Care Powder, Tablets From Black Oxygen

The U. S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA has issued a public health alert against Fulvic Care Powder and Tablets from Ontario, Canada -based Black Oxygen Organics due to elevated levels of lead and arsenic.

The agency advised consumers not to use Fulvic Care Powder and Tablets from Black Oxygen or give the products to pets.

The affected products were distributed by Black Oxygen and sold online at www.blackoxygenorganics.com. The FDA noted that the company’s website is no longer in service.

The FDA sampled Fulvic Care Powder at the Canadian border and found elevated levels of lead and arsenic. The regulator detained the shipment and put the product on Import Alert 99-42. Additional shipments were detained after September 14, 2021, but the company released them into commerce without the FDA’s knowledge when they should have been held.

When discovered, the FDA pursued a recall, however, Black Oxygen went out of business on November 23, 2021 before performing the product recall.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency or CFIA conducted a recall of the Fulvic Care Powder and Tablets in September 2021.

Metals like lead and arsenic are found in the environment and enter our food supply through our air, water, and soil. Meanwhile, continued exposure to elevated levels of these metals can result in serious health risks and can affect people or animals.

The FDA monitors the levels of lead and arsenic in foods, dietary supplements, and cosmetics due to their potential to cause serious health problems at elevated levels, and takes regulatory action when appropriate.

Lead and arsenic poisoning can be diagnosed through clinical testing.

Consumers who have purchased these products are urged to immediately stop using them and to throw them away. Those with symptoms of lead or arsenic poisoning are also asked to contact their health care provider to receive care.

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