Former Yankees star CC Sabathia playing — and starring — in New York City softball league

When he's not dishing out takes on his podcast, former MLB star CC Sabathia can be found playing softball in New York's Central Park.


As outlined in an article published Thursday afternoon in Curbed, the six-time All-Star pitcher has joined a rec softball team — called the Warriors — with several of his friends.

"It was a running joke that once he retires he was gonna come join the squad, and then this year, he was like, 'I’m ready, let’s go,' " Warriors teammate Matt Siegel told Curbed.

Though the 40-year-old Sabathia, who retired from MLB following the 2019 season, is not pitching in this league that also splits time at Chelsea Park, his immense skills have understandably left teammates and opponents in awe. But he's also left an impression with his humility. 

"I think everyone thought it was pretty cool that he was playing in a league with regular dudes," Nicola Torchia, a player for one of the Warriors’ opponents, told Curbed. "At the end of the game, usually the umps will ask you to bring the bases in to help them out, and he brought in first base. I thought that was nice."

CC Sabathia effortlessly hit this home run in a softball game 🤣

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