IATSE Launches Commission To Study Artificial Intelligence, Compares Changes It Will Bring To The Advent Of Talkies

Comparing the changes that artificial intelligence might bring to show business to the advent of talkies, IATSE has launched a commission to study its impact on the entertainment industry and the union’s 168,000 members. AI already has had a disruptive influence on the business and is one of the sticking points that led to the Writers Guild strike.

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According to the union, the IATSE Commission on Artificial Intelligence “will bring together IATSE members and representatives at all levels, as well as external experts to guide the union’s approach to the challenges and opportunities presented by the advent of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry.”

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“As AI continues to evolve and proliferate, it is critical that our union is at the forefront of understanding its impact on our members and industry,” said IATSE President Matthew Loeb. “Just as when silent films became talkies and as the big screen went from black-and-white to full color, the IATSE Commission on Artificial Intelligence is part of our commitment to embracing new technologies. We will work to equip our members with the skills to navigate this technological advancement, and to ensure that the transition into this new era prioritizes the interests and well-being of our members and all entertainment workers.”

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The commission, which will begin its work immediately, will issue a report of its findings and recommendations to the IATSE General Executive Board at the end of July.

The commission will include representatives from across IATSE’s jurisdiction, as well as experts from academia and the tech industry.

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“The commission will engage in a comprehensive study of AI technologies, with a particular focus on how they may reshape the landscape of entertainment industry jobs under IATSE’s jurisdiction,” the union said on its website. “It will also consider how contract provisions, legislation, and training programs can be adapted to ensure the fruits of increased productivity through AI are shared equitably among all stakeholders.”

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