Kudlow: 'I don’t think we should be redefining infrastructure'

Larry Kudlow criticizes Biden’s ‘massive’ plan redefining infrastructure

‘Kudlow’ host says tax hikes ‘will severely damage the economy’

Fox Business host Larry Kudlow opened his show "Kudlow" Monday blasting the President Biden's expansive definition of infrastructure as he held a bipartisan meeting today in the Oval Office.

KUDLOW: President Biden today stepped up his efforts to negotiate changes to his 2 plus trillion dollar initiative called infrastructure. In a bipartisan oval office meeting today, the president claimed he was ready to negotiate changes…. What the president doesn't seem to want to negotiate  - is his total Redefining of the word infrastructure….

I don’t think we should be redefining infrastructure. I'll give you roads, bridges, and tunnels. I'll give you replacing lead pipes for clean water in schools. I'll even include mass transit – which is bad policy – but I know both parties always cave on it every cycle. But I'm not gonna give you a new electricity grid unless you include natural gas and nuclear. Because I know what you're gonna do – end fossil fuels. 

And 100-billion dollars for broadband is a whole lot of money. Where's that gonna go? We looked at that in the trump administration – and figured maybe 25, 30 billion dollars would do it. And you should be working with the private telecom companies who are gonna implement this. Frankly I think infrastructure could be done with 650 billion dollars or so. Less than 20 percent of the total package.


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