Lawsuit Being Planned Against Amazon Bestseller Mattress

A class-action lawsuit is being finalized against Zinus, makers of the low-cost and popular “Green Tea Mattress” as many users across the United States have reportedly suffered from health issues due to flame-resistant fiberglass fibers that are coming from the product. The mattress is one of the best-sellers on Amazon Inc. (AMZN).

The suit, filed in Sacramento in July by a woman named Vanessa Gutierrez, alleged that the South Korean company’s mattresses have affected multiple customers. Gutierrez was quoted by the Los Angeles Times as saying that the Zinus mattress she bought for her daughter on Amazon for $400 ended up costing her nearly $20,000 in damages, inclusive of medical bills.

Gutierrez said that the fiberglass left scars that are still visible on her four-year-old daughter’s chest and calves.

As per the Consumer Product Safety Commission, fiberglass, which is a mixture of plastic and glass, can irritate the eyes, nose and throat, but the type used in flame-retardant barriers is not thought to be hazardous or lead to long-term health issues.

The Commission told CBS, “Most consumer complaints about fiberglass being released from mattresses that have been reviewed by staff involved the outer cover being removed or damaged. If the outer cover remains intact, then the exposure to fiberglass particles is expected to be minimal.”

The Zinus queen-sized Green Tea memory foam mattress sells for about $310 on Amazon, where it has 4.4 stars out of 5 from more than 130,000 reviewers.

“It’s not hyperbole to say that this has ravaged thousands of individuals’ lives from across the United States,” James Radcliffe, a personal injury lawyer with Cueto Law, told CBS.

Responding to allegations, Zinus said that the mattresses come with instructions warning customers not to remove the outer mattress cover to protect the fire barrier inside.

“A lawsuit and related misinformation campaign is misleading consumers about the type of mattress materials used to comply with fire regulations and protect our customers. The type of chemical-free fire safety material that we use is standard in the mattress industry across all price points,” a Zinus spokesperson said a statement. “The Consumer Product Safety Commission has found that this type of material is ‘not considered hazardous,’ and various regulatory agencies and authoritative scientific bodies have concluded that exposure to this type of material does not pose a risk of chronic health effects.”

“To protect the internal fire barrier, customers should not remove the outer mattress cover. The label discloses the contents of the mattress and warns against removing the outer cover,” the spokesperson added. “Zinus mattresses currently being sold include locked zippers without pull tabs and an additional sewn-in label that warns against removing the outer cover. For all these reasons, we look forward to defending the composition and construction of our products in court, should that be necessary, and are confident we will prevail.”

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