Obama Favorite President In Recent Times: Survey

When asked which president has done the best job in their lifetimes in a new nationwide survey in the United States, more Americans named Barack Obama than any other president.

44 percent of the respondents say Obama is the best or second best president of their lifetimes, according to a survey conducted by PEW Research Center. About a third mentioned Bill Clinton (33 percent) or Ronald Reagan (32 percent).

The Washington based fact tank conducted the survey among 2,002 adults during June 5-12.

Not yet halfway through his term, 19 percent say Donald Trump has done the best or second best job of any president of their lifetimes. That is comparable with the share who viewed Obama as one of the best presidents in 2011 (20 percent).

John F. Kennedy did the best job in office, about a quarter of those who were alive during his presidency said.

While Democrats overwhelmingly say Obama has done the best job as president, most Republicans named Reagan as the best, followed by Trump.

Presidents Jimmy Carter, Henry Ford, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Eisenhover, Harry Truman and Theodore Roosevet did not look popular among the respondents.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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