Opinion: Tommy Tuberville gets it wrong again with advice to NFL draft prospects

By the end of his disastrous tenure as Cincinnati’s football coach, when it was obvious Tommy Tuberville had checked out on pretty much all aspects of the actual job he was hired to do, the joke around the football building was that you’d be more likely to catch him in his office watching Fox News than film of the next opponent.

While it certainly didn’t help Tuberville avoid becoming the only Cincinnati coach since 2003 to be fired, it was apparently great preparation for his next job as U.S. Senator from Alabama, whose tenure so far has included botching the three branches of government (“You know, the House, the State, and the executive), misrepresenting the history of World War II (“my dad fought 76 years ago in Europe to free Europe of socialism”) and falsely stating that Al Gore was president-elect for 30 days after the 2000 election.

To be generous, Tuberville is, shall we say, learning some things on the fly about the U.S. government. And so it was quite the ironic note to strike Thursday morning when TMZ released video of an interview with Tuberville near the U.S. Capitol building in which he suggested that athletes who will be drafted into the NFL Thursday night shouldn’t wade into politics because they don’t know what they’re talking about. 

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