The 10 Richest Women In The United States

A list of 10 of the richest women in the United States contains several household names, as well as some women relatively unknown to the general public. The sources of their fortunes span a variety of industries from technology to candy. The Walton, Cox, and Duncan families have a dynastic presence, each occupying more than one place in the top 10. (The net worth figures in this article are taken from Time Magazine and reflect  January 2018 estimates.) 

The Bottom Line

In several respects, the 10 richest women in America are not a very diverse group. They are all white, they all inherited the bulk of their fortunes, and they are all over the age of 40. The majority do not currently take an active role in the management of the companies from which their wealth is derived, with the exceptions of Abigail Johnson. 

1. Jaqueline Mars

2. Arts Organizations

3. Katharine Rayner

4. Margaretta Taylor

5. Ann Walton Kroenke

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