The Google Nest Hub 2nd generation is now official in Spain with new features that will make you sleep better

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The Google Nest Hub 2nd generation has been presented in Spain by Google, and with it comes a new way to use and interact with smart home screens, and this is due to the integration of Motion Sense technology, with which the company is able to interpret the gestures you make in your hand in front of your screen.

In this case, Google has decided to give special prominence to sleep with this device, since it is a more important aspect than it seems, and that has a great impact on your body, and the American company wants to help you sleep properly.

Like its predecessor, this is one of the most interesting devices that Google has in its catalog for the home, and with which virtually any user can get along very well due to its simplicity.

Google Nest Hub 2nd generation, a smart screen for the home that cares about your rest

This device presented by Google consists of a 7-inch screen at a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, somewhat below HD resolution since, after all, it is not a screen on which to watch movies and consume multimedia, but is there to provide touch controls and offer complementary information.

As is logical, it is a device that has Google Assistant integrated to be able to solve queries and execute the commands dictated by the user, and to be able to provide answers, it has a speaker with the same technology as the Nest Audio, but with 50% more bass compared to the previous version, which will offer a better audio experience.

One of the device’s star functions is sleep measurement thanks to Motion Sense, which with its low-power Soli technology is able to analyze how you sleep – as long as the screen is close to the bed so that the sensors can detect you – based on your breathing and your movements while you sleep.

Every morning, the Nest Hub will display a personalized sleep summary – which you can view at any time – that will tell you some tips on how to sleep better based on your nightly activity, although anything related to monitoring is optional, to preserve your privacy. “Motion Sense technology only detects motion, not specific faces or bodies, and coughing and snoring audio data is only processed on the device, not sent to Google’s servers,” Google clarifies.

Beyond that, the device features WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, as well as 3 long-range microphones with a switch to disable them for as long as you want, useful if you’re not going to use the voice commands available on this device.

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This second generation of the Google Nest Hub will be available in Spain from May 4 at a price of 99.99 euros.

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