This 1687 Home Is the Oldest For Sale in America

In general, the oldest homes in America were built in the New England region or down the coast to the areas around New York City and Philadelphia. These were the first parts of the United States that were heavily populated. Many houses built in the 1700s and 1800s still stand. Some occupied homes were built in the 1600s. One of those is on the market today and is the oldest house for sale in America.

The house at 24 Main Street, Farmington, Connecticut, was built well over a century before the American Revolution. Many of the features of the home, built in 1687, are still intact. This includes some of the door hinges and the hardwood floor. The price tag for the four-bedroom home is $539,000. It is 2,957 square feet in size, has two and a half baths and sits on 0.73 acres. added this description:

There are two chimneys. The family room features a Rumsford style fireplace that makes winter living so cozy in this room. The living room side features a small wood stove. The generous sized rooms make this a perfect home for everyday living and also for entertaining large crowds.

Farmington is west of Hartford, in the direction of Torrington. The house is near the Farmington River, in the center of the town. Farmington also sits at the junction of Connecticut’s Highways 10 and 4.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Farmington has a population of 25,497. Seventy-six percent of the population is white, and another 12% is Asian. The median household income of $93,053 is over $20,000 above the national figure. The 8.4% poverty rate is well below the national number.

The house at 24 Main Street is one of the most expensive homes in its part of Farmington. Most homes close by have estimated prices of between $275,000 and $440,000.

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