This Is The State Doing The Best Vaccinating Its Residents

Today, 21% of Americans have received at least one dose of one of the three vaccines, according to the CDC. A total of 11% are fully vaccinated. At this point, 135,846,665 doses have been delivered nationwide. The county passed the critical milestone of 100 million people who have been given a shot as this figure rose to 105,703,501.

Nevertheless, the toll of the disease in America is staggering. The Bing COVID-19 Tracker shows 29,633,697 confirmed cases so far and 538,918 fatal cases. Many epidemiologists think the confirmed case count is low by half because of poor testing and asymptomatic carriers. Twenty percent of global deaths have been in the U.S. and a quarter of all deaths worldwide have happened in America.

Variants have become a primary cause of spread in the last several weeks. The New York Times reports that as many as 20% of new cases in America are caused by these. The CDC tracks three for the public and now reports they are already in all 50 stats. They are the B.1.1.7 variant, B.1.351 variant, and P.1 variant.

And, parts of the country are “opening up” which means rules about mask-wearing and social distancing are gone in some states. This and aggressive variants cause anxiety that there may be a fourth surge of the disease in late March into April and perhaps May.

Some states have done much better jobs with vaccinations than others. The state doing the best job based on the percent of its population that has been given at least one dose is New Mexico at 28%. A total of 16% have been fully vaccinated, well above the national average. The state has had 1,035,005 doses delivered and 913,253 shots given for a figure of 88%, also well above the U.S. number.

The process in the state has not been seamless. There have been accusations that some people have been vaccinated already who should have been. According to TV state 4News: “We have found unfortunately a couple of incidents where there is really undeniable proof of individuals and providers going outside the appropriate phases, and that’s inappropriate,” Matt Bieber, the director of communications for The New Mexico Department of Health said.

Notwithstanding problems like these, the state’s residents are better off than most.

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