US COVID Hospitalizations Declining

Amidst the recent surge in coronavirus cases and deaths in the United States, hospitalizations due to the pandemic is steadily declining, data shows.

The number of people hospitalized in the country has come down to 94,101, according to data compiled by New York Times. It marks 8 percent decrease within a fortnight.

The weekly average of COVID deaths crossed 2000 after a long gap. The seven-day average of 2,011, recorded on Sunday, marks 29 percent increase in two weeks.

With 36794 new cases of coronavirus infections reporting on Sunday, the national total has increased to 42,088,404, as per the latest data from Johns Hopkins University.

291 additional casualties took the national COVID death toll to 673,768.

As usual, Sunday’s lower metrics are attributed to reporting delays on holidays.

New York reported the most number of cases – 77,24 – at the weekend while Texas – 97 – reported most COVID-related deaths.

California is the worst affected state in terms of both the COVID metrics, with 4,551,294 cases and a total of 68117 people dying due to the disease there.

1,615,783 tests were conducted nationally on Sunday.

A total of 32,503,995 people have so far recovered from the disease in the country.

As per the latest data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a total of 181,382,976 people in the United States, or 54.6 percent of the population, have been fully vaccinated against the virus. This includes 82.9 percent of people above 65.

211,776,515 people, or 63.8 percent of the population, have received at least one dose.

A total of 385,586,012 vaccine doses have been administered so far nationally.

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