5 Blockchain Platforms for Better Use of Data

Blockchain is causing plenty of commotion in the finance sector and flipping the status quo for concepts that once flew low under the radar.



O2OPay is a solution that connects users to the blockchain and pays them for sharing information about their day to friends, family, and brands in the network—much like a social media platform. This information is arguably even more valuable than our internet browsing habits or Netflix queue, because it tells companies what we like to do when we aren’t connected.

Accordingly, brands will pay for insights into our offline activities on O2OPay. They can offer promotions and prizes to users at their favorite shops or cafes, and users can spend the O2O tokens they earn in-store. The company likens it to a personal airdrop of coins whenever you check in at a restaurant, take a selfie at a bar, or tag yourself with friends—information valuable to brands that can reach you in the same ecosystem.


Basic Attention Token


The Business of Browsing

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