Dinesh Gulati moves from fifth to second place

Dinesh Gulati, a senior analyst at equities research firm Veye, is the big mover in week two of the four-week Shares Race, moving from fifth position to second this week.

Modest gains across his portfolio, rather than to one or two standout performers, has taken the value of his portfolio to $104,760 from $101,893 last week.

Gulati holds Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals, the third-best performer overall, as does race leader Angie Ellis, with their original $10,000 stakes now worth $12,189 each, from $11,961 last week.

Angie Ellis maintains her lead in week two of the four week race

Angie Ellis maintains her lead in week two of the four week raceCredit:Fairfax Media

Ellis has more or less maintained the value of her portfolio from last week at $110,027 this week.

Her original $10,000 investment in King River Copper, the fourth-best performer overall, has dropped a little to $11,800, from $12,000 last week.

Hina Chowdhary of Kalkine drops to third, from second last week, despite her portfolio value  virtually unchanged at $104,471.

Avita Medical, which develops drugs for the treatment of a range of severe skin disorders, is her best pick so far and the top-performing pick overall, with her original $10,000 worth $13,889 from $12,222 last week.

Money reader, Rod Leonarder, drops to seventh from third last week as the number of stocks with small decreases in value outnumbers those with small increases.

As of the close on Thursday, the cut-off for the Shares Race, the S&P/ASX 200 finished the week at 6176 points, virtually unchanged from a week earlier.

Shares Race is a fantasy shares game. Players start with $100,000, divided evenly across 10 stocks.

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