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Find a Fast Loan Near You in the Philippines with UpFinance

In the Philippines, people have a lot of reasons why they would prefer to look for an online personal loan rather than applying for one at traditional banks or credit unions. One of the biggest reasons is that you have access to virtually anything online, including loans to buy a house, afford tuition fees, pay off high-interest debts, or even start your own business. Even better, you can get your application approved and money in your account in way less time than it takes to drive to a physical bank.

When using online loan services, you don’t have to worry too much about your credit scores. Reputable lenders may offer flexible loan amount depending on your needs with quick approval time and fast funding solutions, which can really help out a lot when you need access to cash in a pinch. As a result, you obviously want to find the most trustworthy companies and make sure your loan suit you like a glove.

That’s where UpFinance becomes your first stop on the loan-seeking process. Finding an online personal loan has never been easier with this constantly updating website, containing all kinds of loan services and credit institutions. Using UpFinance, you can easily compare different loans side-by-side, right from the comfort of your living room. Best of all, the lenders listed on UpFinance are partners who have worked closely with the site and have been thoroughly vetted by UpFinance’s team of financial experts, helping you consider the safest loans for the sake of your credit history.

UpFinance was founded to fulfill the role of the ultimate “online loan search engine” for Filipinos all across the country to find the most suitable loans with the right terms, interest rates, and other deals for their specific circumstances. Whether it’s a bank, a co-op, a credit firm, or a pawnshop you are looking for, UpFinance has got you covered.

Ever heard of UpFinance? Well, you have now!

UpFinance has been a trusted name for Filipinos since 2016, and a go-to destination for the best list of loan services available locally in your area in the Philippines.The site is best known for always keeping tap on the latest offers all around the Philippines, updating users about all the changes and new items and displaying them in an intuitive manner that even low-tech borrowers don’t really have trouble reading through. UpFinance is also extremely safe thanks to its end-to-end, SSL-certified encryption.

On UpFinance, you can to choose from a huge selection of loan services, all of whom are close partners of the site and are well-known among Filipinos. To name a few, we have many famous banks such as RCBC, BDO Network, HomeCredit, and AUB. You can also find reputable insurance companies such as Sun Life and Manulife or renowned P2P platforms like LEND, Kiva, Rykom, and Upstart. All of these services are categorized by the type of loans and the type of companies, accessible through separate tabs at the top of the UpFinance home page. UpFinance has a well-designed and easy-to-use interface that you can quickly get used to. It will take you no time to get familiarized with how to use the site’s calculator to search for the right loans. Moreover, the UpFinance team regularly write educational posts about the financial market in the Philippines and popular financial services to better inform users on blogs and social media.

Is Getting an Online Personal Loan through UpFinance Safe?

UpFinance has worked closely with many partners across different types of financial services. All of this is to ensure the users can have a great experience looking for a safe and reputable online lender.Quick procedures and surprisingly fast reimbursement time often come with a price to pay, which are unexpected “hidden fees”. Therefore, you should learn about all kinds of hidden fees before signing a contract, such as application appraisal fee, first loan fee, late payment fee…

Penalty fees can get incredibly high with late payments. In some cases, they can become 3 times higher than the loan.Many lenders do not notify customers in advance about these fees. The company will directly deduct the first period interest from the customer’s disbursed amount instead of collecting interest after one month or periodically. By the time customers receive disbursement with a lower amount than on the credit contract, it will already be too late.

As a result, it is important to do your own research to make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate lender before you provide your personal information. To do that, you can look through all the information that UpFinance has listed about these companies as well as read about them on blog and social media posts written by the team’s experts.

What do I do when I can’t decide between offers on UpFinance?

If you are still on the fence about which debt you can afford, it’s time to start searching for the most suitable loan. Thankfully, UpFinance has made it extremely easy for users to compare loans thanks to their intuitive Calculator feature. At the beginning of the page, simply pick a loan amount (the amount of money you want to take out) and the loan term (how long you intend to repay the debt) and press “Find Offer”. That’s all it takes.

You need to carefully read every detail of the “contract” between you and the lender to understand the information and promptly detect unreasonable points. A reputable lender always publicizes clearly and transparently the regulations on interest payment, debt repayment time, debt payment methods, etc., so as not to mislead customers. In contrast, unscrupulous lenders always confuse customers when looking at the contract.

If you are still in doubt, you can simply contact UpFinance at [email protected] or call them via +63 82 226 1169 to receive direct support from the dedicated staff. With more than 5 years of experience in the Philippines financial industry, the UpFinance team always keeps themselves up-to-date with the latest changes and they can inform you of optimal choices for your money problem.