Putin announces creation of ‘high level working group’ for entrepreneurs

Putin announces US-Russia working group of business leaders

Russian President Vladimir Putin on an agreement with President Trump to create a working group to bring together business leaders from both countries.

As the United States and Russia work to improve their contentious relationship, the two nations may have found common ground on business and the economy. Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated as much during his joint press conference with President Trump on Monday in Helsinki.

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“We agreed to create a high level working group that would bring together captains of Russian and American business,” said Putin via an interpreter.  “We paid more attention to economic ties and economic operations – clear that businesses of both countries are interested in this,” he said.

While there are few details on this joint venture and the executives involved, Putin did clarify it will be focused on business and will be run by business leaders, not politicians.

“After all entrepreneurs and business men know better how to articulate this successful business corporation,” Putin added. “We will let them think and make their proposals and suggestions in this regard.”

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