Serendipity pays $975K in labor settlement

09/19/17 Features, "Frrrozen hot chocolate" from Serendipity 3, 225 East 60th Street. (Photo by Brian Zak/NY Post)

Serendipity 3, the Upper East Side eatery famous for being featured in numerous movies, is dishing out a hefty payment to its former workers.

Some 33 Serendipity servers and bussers will be skipping to the bank to deposit their share of a $975,000 settlement due from their former employer.

The settlement of the 2-year-old lawsuit was approved by a federal court last week.

Over the next 21 days or so, the workers will receive on average $20,000, which will compensate them for a litany of alleged wrongs they endured while working at the 64-year-old spot at 225 E. 60th St.

Chief among the allegations is that they were underpaid because they were forced to share their tips with kitchen workers like the ice cream scoopers who prepared Serendipity’s decadent sundaes. (The Golden Opulence Sundae costs $1,000 and requires 48 hours’ notice to make.)

By state law, only tipped workers are entitled to such monies.

Their other grievances, according to court papers, included being dinged for customer walkouts and cashier shortfalls and being paid just $20 to $25 a day for mandatory training, which lasted up to a week and took eight hours a day. That meant workers were paid about $3 an hour, according to court papers.

Serendipity did not immediately return calls for comment, but a manager told The Post that the restaurant was sold to new owners this year.

One of its former owners, Stephen Bruce, is featured in several photos on the Web site standing with famous customers such as Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

“The workers at Serendipity have gotten their just desserts,” said their lawyer, Louis Pechman of Pechman Law Group.

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