This Is the Hottest Place on Earth at 110 Degrees

Over the course of the year, the hottest places on the globe tend to be in the Middle East, northern Africa or India. Today, that hottest place is Kedougou, Senegal, where it is 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the other places with scorching temperatures are nearby or in the central deserts of Australia.

Kedougou sits near the southern border between Senegal and Guinea. It is also just west of the huge Niokolo-Koba National Park.

The small city has a population of about 18,000. Its primary sources of work for people who live in or near the town are agriculture and mining. The city is also part of the Kedougou Region. The region’s economy is partially supported by tourism, which includes trips into nearby national parks.

From March through May, the average high temperature in the city is over 100 degrees. That drops to 87 degrees in August, but for most other months, the average is well above 90 degrees. The average low temperature during the hottest months is around 75. In the “cooler” months, that drops to the high 60s.

The rainfall in Kedougou swings from almost none from November through April to extremely heavy from July through September. This peaks in August, when the rainfall averages 317 inches.

The residents of the city should not expect any relief from the heat soon. The forecast for the next 10 days shows that daytime highest will range from 105 to 109 degrees. It will not drop below the mid-70s at night, and there will be no rain.

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