White House to stop releasing public summaries of Trump’s calls with foreign leaders

The White House will stop routinely releasing summaries of calls President Donald Trump has with foreign leaders, according to person familiar with the plan, ending a longstanding practice.

The White House will continue to distribute readouts to advisers in various government agencies, but will offer the press selective details of Trump’s calls only upon request, that person said. Press secretary Sarah Sanders is expected to address the issue in her next briefing, the person said, and it wasn’t immediately clear why the White House decided to change the practice.

The change in the White House practice was first reported by CNN.

The official White House summaries of calls with foreign leaders, known as readouts, publicly mark that a call has taken place and typically provide several sentences of summary, mentioning topics that were discussed while shying away from specific details or disagreements. Many foreign leaders also issue their own readouts, providing their version of the calls, which can sometimes differ in tone and emphasis from the White House summary.

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