Swelect uses sun, air to make drinking water

Tastes better than bottled water: firm

Swelect Energy Systems Ltd. has unveiled ‘Source,’ a hydro (solar) panel to provide pure drinking water using sunlight and air, said a top official.

“For this, we have partnered with U.S.-based Zero Mass Water,” said R. Chellappan, managing director, Swelect Energy Systems Ltd.

Absorbing water vapour

He said water vapour from air is drawn into Source through fans, following which special materials absorb the water. The vapour is collected as the air flow passes through a condenser, then flows into a reservoir where it is mineralised with calcium and magnesium. Water is pumped through a polishing cartridge before being delivered to a dispenser.

The price per panel will be ₹2 lakh and it will generate up to five itres of water per day depending on humidity and sunlight, he said.

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