Kylie Jenner’s Calvin Klein social media post nabbed $1.8M

The big money in social media

Launchmetrics Influencer Marketing President Yuli Ziv on how social media is changing the face of advertising.

Social media is changing the face of advertising as we know it.

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Celebrity influencers like Kylie Jenner are making big bucks for their posts.

Jenner's recent social media post about Calvin Klein was worth $1.8 million, according to data scientists at Launchmetrics, which uses software that measures social media influencers’ reach. Her net worth is estimated to be a whopping $900 million, according to Forbes.

“What they do is, they analyze the media impact value off one of her posts as compared to traditional advertising, print and online advertising,” Launchmetrics Influencer Marketing President Yuli Ziv told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney. “We tried to come up with a weighted metric that represents a true value and this is what we came up with.”

Brands also have a lot to gain from celebrity influencers, Ziv said.


“If you think about the high price tag that these influencers are demanding versus the value they are creating, it’s so much lower than the value itself,” she said.

And for Calvin Klein — shelling out buckets of cash to Jenner could potentially generate gigantic returns — Jenner has more than 111 million social media followers.

Technology has given way to more transparency on data, allowing companies like Launchmetrics to understand the quality of followers, their engagement and whether they match the brand.

“If she’s working for a certain brand — like let’s say Calvin Klein — it’s important to understand [if] there is overlap in the audience — because if there is none — it really doesn’t make sense,” Ziv added.

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