Mark Cuban shares a peek into his investing philosophy: Hold, hold, hold

  • Mark Cuban said in a Reddit AMA on Tuesday that his investing strategy centers around holding stocks for the long term.
  • He also predicted that the stock market will eventually be hosted on blockchain. 
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Billionaire investor, Shark Tank judge, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shared a glimpse into his investing philosophy on Tuesday. 

In a Reddit AMA, which took place on the now-famous WallStreetBets subreddit, primarily dealt with the fallout from last week’s GameStop frenzy. However, a few Redditers also asked Cuban for more general investing advice.

“Do you have an[y] advice for people who have lost money the last few weeks and how to go on from this?,” user CptThailand asked, 

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Cuban’s advice for this Redditor was to play the long game when it comes to investing. He responded that he thinks of people who held onto Bitcoin as a good example. 

“Many bought at the highs in 2017,” Cuban wrote, “and watched it fall by ⅔ or more. But they held on because they believe in the asset.”

He advised that the same principle informs his stock-market philosophy: “When I buy a stock, I make sure I know why I[‘m] buying it,” he wrote. “Then I HODL until … I learn that something has changed.” HODL is a popular acronym for “hold on for dear life.” Or in other words, it means to hold an an asset without selling despite market conditions. 

Cuban also predicted that, in the future, stocks would be traded via block chain. “That will make the markets much more efficient, transparent, and available to the small investor,” he wrote.

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