NFT Sales Spiked 8,500% To Top $422 Billion in 2021

By ValueWalk, Anna Peel

New research can today reveal a timeline of the biggest moments in NFT history – with the value of sales in the past year increasing by over 8,500%.

The experts at NFT Club have done a deep dive into the biggest and most important events in the history of NFTs while mapping monthly market data to reveal where NFTs came from, and how they got to where they are today.

The Average Monthly Sales Value Of NFTs

Month, YearValue of Sales ($)YoY % Change
December 2017$6,077,275,601n/a
December 2018$2,047,826,088263.96%
December 2019$2,913,033,50942.25%
December 2020$4,873,847,17667.31%
December 2021$422,609,105,8118570.96%
  • The increase in popularity of NFTs in 2021 can be seen in the value of NFTs sales increasing from $4.9 billion in December 2020 to over $422 billion in December 2021. This huge increase by 8,570.96% just shows how much more interest there was in NFTs.

The Number Of NFT Sales Per Month

Month, YearNumber of SalesYoY % Change
December 201715,186,545n/a
December 201866,543,906338.18%
December 2019115,163,91873.06%
December 2020160,272,37339.17%
December 2021581,219,740262.65%
  • In December 2017, the number of monthly NFT sales skyrocketed, surpassing one million transactions for the first time and going on to reach more than 15 million sales by the end of the month representing a monthly increase of over 14000% from November 2017 which saw just 106,218 sales.

The Research Also Revealed

  • The most expensive NFT ever sold was Everydays: The First 5000 Days by Beeple, which sold for a monumental $69.3 million. This is followed by CryptoPunk #7523 and CryptoPunk #7804.
  • The public is most interested in CryptoPunks with 3.62 million searches for the collection in 2021. This is almost 1,000,000 more than the next most popular collection, The Sandbox, which received 2.68 million searches in the same period.
  • The most popular NFT question of 2021 was “Where to buy NFTs?,” showing that there’s a large section of people who are new to the NFT scene and want to get involved.

Check out the full report, including monthly market data and answers to the most asked NFT questions, here.


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