Nuclear energy sector needs more qualified workers: Lightbridge Corporation CEO

Nuclear power industry is struggling to find workers: Lightbridge Corporation CEO

Lightbridge Corporation CEO Seth Grae discusses how there is a job applicant shortage in the nuclear power industry.

The CEO of the leading developer of next generation nuclear fuel technology says there is a job applicant shortage in his sector.

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“The president pointed out [Thursday] there are six million jobs that can’t be filled in the country because of lack of correct skills and in the nuclear power industry, we’re racing to fill some jobs,” Lightbridge Corporation CEO and President Seth Grae told FOX Business on Friday.

President Trump introduced the “Pledge to America’s Workers” initiative Thursday aimed at creating 500,000 new opportunities through apprenticeships and work-based learning programs.

“We’re seeing the administration really step up now and private-public partnerships that are helping with training,” Grae said during an exclusive interview on Countdown to the Closing Bell.”

Grae said the Department of Energy is leading the way in supporting companies that are training and employing millennials.


“Bringing them along from specialized welders in nuclear power to scientists and engineers and just throughout the industry the positions that we need,” he said.

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