Real Life Trading UK and Europe Offering Free Backtrading Strategy Webinar This Sunday

At 24/7 Wall Street, we encourage our readers to use as much data and information as they can when crafting their trading and investment strategies, and with good reason. Seasoned investors know how quick metrics, methods, standards, and even products can change in the investing world. Anybody trading cryptocurrency at the turn of the century, or even 10 years ago?

We have teamed up with Real Life Trading UK and Europe to help them get exposure to their upcoming investing webinar. Here are the details, and the best detail is everything is free. Despite the time difference, the sessions will be recorded so investors can sign up and then log in to see and hear them at a later date. 


Backtrading / Strategy: Testing the Durability of Different Strategies on Multiple Timeframes

The team at Real Life Trading UK and Europe will be introducing profitable, proprietary in-house strategies alongside some of the most popular in the trading community and backtrading them to test their edge.

Sunday, February 20 from:

5:00 AM – 9:00 AM EST

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM UK

11:00 AM – 3:00 PM CET

Unable to attend the live session? Register now and get the recording.

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Testing the Durability of Different Strategies on Multiple Timeframes

The rigorous team at RLT UK spends each week dissecting and analyzing the market, bringing you daily actionable trading content alongside the best community of dedicated traders.

Join RLT UK/EU for a webinar this Sunday, February 20, to learn trading techniques that win in any market environment.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Backtrade any strategy to test its edge
  • Learn how to find and follow trends in the market
  • Learn proprietary in-house trading strategies for day and swing trading
  • And more!
  • Plus, there will be time for a Q&A session with each presenter!

Note that 24/7 Wall St. is not endorsing and has not done any due diligence on the strategies and methodologies that will be presented. We do know that Real Life Trading UK and Europe has over 50,000 subscribers, made up of at-home traders, and they feel they have their finger on the pulse of the retail investor and their needs. In addition, it is important again to note that this event is being offered free of charge, one of the reasons we have decided to partner with them.

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