​​Sajid Javid’s zero Covid Twitter comments torn apart by critics – ‘Mischaracterisation’

Chinese population fight back against Zero-covid restrictions

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Sharing a video allegedly taken during the Shanghai lockdown, which showed residents crying for help, the Health Secretary described the zero Covid strategy as a “dangerous fallacy”.
The former Chancellor of the Exchequer claimed that the UK had “led the world” in learning to “live” with coronavirus.

He said: “Disturbing reports from countries still enforcing ‘Zero Covid’ show this dangerous fallacy for what it is.

“Proud that the UK has led the world in learning to live with Covid. Freedom, with responsibility, should always be the default.”

A zero covid strategy involves using public health measures to eliminate COVID-19 transmission completely or at least to reduce the number of cases significantly to manageable levels.

It is known as an eliminationist approach and has been employed in China, New Zealand and Vietnam.

For example, following the initial Wuhan lockdown, authorities employed mass testing in most of the cities’ population, ending most restrictions much earlier than in other countries. 

According to JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data, China has suffered only 4,638 deaths despite having the largest population in the world.

New Zealand closed its borders to most international travellers and was able to successfully eliminate coronavirus within a few months.

According to JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data the country has only suffered 543 deaths. 

In contrast, the UK has suffered 172,000 deaths, the seventh highest in the world according to JHU CSSE COVID-19. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk The Zero Covid, which campaigns for an approach to eliminate “community transmission of Covid 19”, savaged Mr Javid’s comments slamming his “mischaracterisation” of the policy.

They said: “The Zero Covid Campaign rejects entirely the health secretary’s mischaracterisation of the Zero Covid strategy and continues to campaign for a ‘vaccines-plus’ mitigation-based approach that will prevent lockdowns, avoid illness, and save lives. 

“The current ‘let it rip’ strategy is not working — as we can see from the tragic 350 deaths per day and our world-beating case count, a number that includes even the Queen. 

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“There is still time to change course and we should do so as soon as possible starting with an immediate return to free lateral flow tests for all and the implementation of a public sector test and trace system.” 

On Twitter, other users were critical of the Health Secretary’s comments.

@JoepublicB said: “Is Covid still killing people in the UK, yes, I thought so. That’s not living with it, that’s dying with it!”

@yanoula1added “In Shanghai they’re screaming. Awful, yes.Here, they’re dead. Rather more difficult to come back from that….albeit quieter and easier to sweep under the carpet. How dare you call that freedom.”

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