Alex Salmond stutters as Dale delivers brutal Brexit zinger ‘Like Scottish independence!’

Iain Dale quizzes Alex Salmond on Scottish independence

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Alex Salmond joined Iain Dale on LBC’s Cross Questions as the panel discussed the UK’s decision to leave the European Union and its struggles in establishing trade deals with other countries. The former SNP leader said he could not believe the UK was seeking to leave the bloc without establishing trade deals beforehand and slammed the Brexit decision. But Mr Dale noted Mr Salmond’s campaign for Scottish independence was similar as it would be leaving the single market of the UK as the pair went back and forth on the topic.

Mr Johnson has come under pressure to secure an important free trade deal with America after promising a deal would be easily achieved post-Brexit.

However, he acknowledged the US/UK trade deal was not a top priority for Joe Biden before the pair met on Tuesday.

The PM also noted it was better to come up with a well thought out deal rather than a rushed one, noting the Americans can be tough negotiators.

When he took office, Mr Johnson was hoping to secure a free-trade deal with Donald Trump who appeared keen on the agreement.

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Speaking on LBC, Mr Salmond was invited to share his opinion on the free-trade deal.

He told the programme: “Bertie Ahern once put it to me he could see the logic in a Brexit Britain wanting to do trade deals, he just couldn’t see the logic in them giving up the ones they already had, before they did it.

“Which of course is what Britain has done where it has given up its position within the single market place without securing key deals which could have taken its place now.”

Mr Dale interjected and said he was surprised that many of the deals the UK had with other countries had rolled over post-Brexit.

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The radio host even remarked the deal with Japan was better than the original deal they did have.

Mr Salmond said, overall, the UK was still short of its original position with these countries and still lost its place in the single market.

He added: “And one of the things I’ve really not been able to understand about Brexit was, if you’re going to have Brexit, then why did you want to give up so easily that position in the single market…”

Mr Dale bluntly replied: “It’s a bit like I mean just for argument’s sake, I suppose, that if Scotland gave up membership of the UK single market, that would be mad as well?”

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Mr Salmond was caught unaware and stuttered for a bit before saying Scotland would not want to give up its position. 

He added he could sympathise with Britain having issues with the EU because of the politics involved but could not understand the exit from the single market.

The PM is feared to come back from the US “empty-handed” as plans for a US/UK trade deal appear to be on the backburner.

Sky News Political Editor Beth Rigby spoke to Mr Johnson during a media round and wanted to know when the trade deal with the US could be secured.

After an aggressive back and forth, Mr Johnson could not guarantee the trade could be signed by 2024.

He concluded by saying: “We’re going to go as fast as we can.”

President Joe Biden warned he did not want to jeopardise peace in Northern Ireland after slamming the Protocol.

He fears a hard border could be introduced across Ireland with some commentators suggesting he may be withholding a deal until the issues with the Protocol are ironed out

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