Ann Widdecombe demands free speech ‘taught in schools’ following years of Brexit divisions

Ann Widdecombe calls for free speech to be taught in schools

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During a discussion with GB News’ Andrew Doyle on the Free Speech Nation podcast, Ann Widdecombe launched a furious defence of free speech in Britain. She explained how the Brexit divide has been a symptom of a growing problem of declining free speech and demanded free speech be taught in schools as a mandatory element of the curriculum. The former Brexit Party MEP went on to explain how the only time it is acceptable to argue someone is not allowed to express an opinion is if it is a direct incitement of hatred and poses an immediate danger to someone’s safety.

Host Andrew Doyle explained: “The debate around Brexit made this worse insofar you had 17.4 million people smeared as racists and idiots…. 

“Even though there were months of debate on the subject.

“But it is interesting that attitude and misrepresentation which still lingers online – the Brexit divide is still there.

Widdecombe replied: “That is one where people were ditching friends! 

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“One of my fellow MEP’s David Bull lost friends, friends of very long-standing because he was a Brexiteer! What’s the matter with people!

Mr Doyle interjected: “I don’t know if you put the genie back in the bottle.”

Ms Widdecombe went on to explain how the country must move on and learn to live with the Brexit reality while pushing to move in another direction. 

She said: “You have to move on. You can never put the genie back in the bottle. 

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“If something has happened, it’s happened.

“But what you can do is try and shift things so that they are going in a different direction.

“They will not reach that direction overnight.”

She went on to argue that free speech must be introduced into schools to tackle the growing problem of tolerance and cancel culture.


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She said: “And I think it is crucial free speech is actually taught in schools and taught as a moral obligation 

“You may furiously disagree with somebody and you are fully entitled to do that.

“What you are not entitled to do is to stop them from expressing their view, unless it is a direct incitement of hatred.”

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