Ann Widdecombe ‘pities’ Truss amid ‘ungovernable’ Tory backbenchers

Ann Widdecombe rages at Tories pushing for Boris comeback

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The Strictly Come Dancing superstar said that Tory MPs had a habit of panicking during a crisis, something that had led to the ousting of Boris Johnson and was now happening under Liz Truss. Ms Widdecombe admitted that the “wets”, a Thatcher era term for moderate Tory MPs, were now in charge of the parliamentary party led by new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.

She said: “The threat that the Conservatives face is themselves.

“It is the Conservative parliamentary party which is ungovernable. Which panics at the drop of a hat.

“It’s all very well saying get rid of Liz Truss.

“You put in a new Prime Minister what’s going to happen when problems arise then?

“The party will go into another panic as they did with Boris and they are now doing with Liz.

“It is a problem of the parliamentary party.

“Now the membership voted for a particular set of policies that Liz Truss tried to introduce immediately.

“She should have handled it differently but those were the policies that she was elected to deliver.

“And she hasn’t been allowed to do so.

“Now you say have the wets taken over? The answer to that is yes.

“The wets have taken over. Jeremy Hunt is effectively running the country not Liz Truss.

“Penny Mordant is standing there at the dispatch box. Neither of these people managed to come anywhere near Liz Truss in the leadership election.

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“They don’t appear to remember that.”

Ms Widdecombe argued that the Conservative Party needed to be persuaded to stick with Liz Truss as she argued a new leader wouldn’t solve all the party’s problems.

However, the former Brexit Party MEP admitted that the Prime Minister was “broken” and that she had “pity” for her.

The former employment minister also argued that Ms Truss had reversed her polices too quickly.

She said: “I do sincerely hope that the party can be persuaded to stick with Liz because I don’t actually see a new solving the problems.

“Just changing the leader everytime there is a problem isn’t the answer.

“I think she buckled far too easily with reversing her policies.

“I think she is broken I do pity her.”

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