Anti-Brexit Gina Miller vows to take on Boris Johnson as she launches new political party

Gina Miller says EU ‘could have taken UK to court’

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The True and Fair Party, which was first registered with the electoral commission in September last year, will be unveiled on Thursday. Ms Miller is hoping to succeed where so many others have failed and breakthrough the UK’s two-party political system.

She claims: “The True and Fair Party will advocate for vital changes to the practice and machinery of government and I look forward to laying out the first part of that vision.”

In comments previously made, the political activist added that Parliament is currently dominated by “incompetence and self-interest”.

She said: “This Government needs to be held to account.

“Voters deserve better than the current politics of incompetence and self-interest.”

Ms Miller will officially her new party at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster at 9am on January 13.

The new party takes its name from Ms Miller’s True & Fair Campaign which she launched in 2012 to focus on delivering reform within the investment and pension industry.

Other than sharing a name and founder, the two entities are not expected to be connected.

Ms Miller, a City investor by background, rose to prominence after the 2016 EU referendum.

She made headlines after taking the Government to court over then-Prime Minister Theresa May’s attempts to trigger Article 50 to quit the bloc without approval from the House of Commons.

She claimed that despite the referendum outcome, parliamentarians still had to give their consent to the UK leaving the EU.

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While Ms Miller has always insisted her legal action was motivated by wanting to see the UK constitution properly implemented, she has been accused of taking the Government in court in a bid to block Brexit.

She also took Boris Johnson to court when she fought his decision too prorogue parliament in 2019.

The Supreme Court ruled in her favour that Mr Johnson’s advice to The Queen to suspend Parliament for five weeks was unlawful.

Mr Johnson had been hoping the prorogation would avoid the need for the UK’s exit from the EU to be delayed beyond October 31 2019.

Britain did not leave until January 31 2020 after MPs forced the Government to request another extension to Article 50.

Ms Miller’s new party launch comes as former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also been tipped to be planning a new venture.

The Islington North MP is considering transforming his Peace and Justice Project charity into a new party, according to The Telegraph.

He has not been allowed to sit as a Labour MP for over a year after Sir Keir Starmer removed the whip from him.

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