Anti-vaxxer protesters are ‘putting lives at risk’

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The Education Secretary was struck down in January, with the virus leaving him bed-bound, unable to breathe and on the brink of intensive care. His ordeal has left him upset at the actions of those who shun vaccinations.

Mr Zahawi said: “It breaks my heart and I’ll tell you why. Yes, it’s a very small percentage of people, but it’s your body’s response to the virus that can make you very ill or kill you.

“Yes of course, if you are older, male, overweight and with underlying health conditions you are much more vulnerable to it, but my doctor was telling me about someone who was a marathon runner and younger than me who ended up in a coma.

“Vaccines are an incredible thing. Those who are anti-vaxxers are putting their lives, and the lives of others, at risk.”

Reliving his struggle with Covid, he said: “It started off with a scratchy throat.

“The next day it became knives in my throat where I couldn’t swallow properly and then it went into my lungs on day four.

“A family doctor got worried because my lungs started baking up phlegm, liquid, and my temperature went up to 40C and I couldn’t breathe.

“He then put me on much stronger drugs and said if it doesn’t bring your temperature down I am going to take you to hospital.

“The drugs started to work and it got better, but it took me 11 days to fully recover.

“He was convinced that if I hadn’t been vaccinated and boosted I would have been in hospital.”

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