‘Apologetic to the left!’ Truss vows Common Sense crackdown on ‘woke’ government culture

Liz Truss and David Lammy clash over Northern Ireland

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The revelation comes after the Foreign Secretary won plaudits from her own party today for taking a firm stand against Brussels with the second reading of the Northern Ireland Bill to thwart the EU’s attempts to break up Britain. The comments came when Ms Truss recently met with the rightwing Common Sense Group, which has around 50 MPs in its membership, to brief them on talks with the EU, the war in Ukraine and equality issues.

As well as Britain’s foreign affairs, Ms Truss is also responsible for the thorny “women and equalities” brief where trans activists and their supporters have targeted figures like the author J. K. Rowling.

Ms Rowling has even been excluded from the 25th anniversary of the first Harry Potter film because of pressure from supporters of trans rights including Emma Watson who played the role of Hermione Granger.

Express.co.uk has been told that Tory MPs at the meeting raised concerns that the Government under Boris Johnson is currently trying to “appease the left” and “woke activists” on gender issues as well as cultural ones like protecting statues of historic heroes and even on tax and welfare.

Sources at the meeting said that Ms Truss agreed with them and told the 30 MPs present that she is “fed up” of policy being “apologetic to the left”.

According to MPs present, she agreed with comments that too often the Government comes up with “watered down versions” of leftwing woke ideas.

One MP present said: “She certainly knew both her audience and her brief. Liz was very impressive.

“She said exactly the right things, let’s hope that it signals change in Government direction.”

Another added: “There is no doubt that Truss will run in a leadership contest and from what she said to us she will be making a direct appeal to the right of the party.”

But not all the audience were convinced.

One MP noted: “She said the right things but does she believe it? She used to be a Remainer and was a Liberal at university.

“People can change of course but I’m not convinced she is a true believer.

“That said if there is a contest – not that I want one – then she has a lot of colleagues on her side now.”

A source close to Ms Truss said: “Part of her appeal is that she’s a common-sense Conservative who isn’t afraid to defend Conservative values.”

Most of the meeting was made up of Boris Johnson loyalists but if he is forced to resign then currently Ms Truss is joint second favourite to succeed him on 8/1 with former Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt and just behind trade minister Penny Mordaunt.


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