‘Are you trying to drive people out?!’ Andrew Marr erupts at Khan over cycle lanes

Sadiq Khan grilled by Marr on 'driving cars out of London'

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been grilled by LBC presenter Andrew Marr over the extensive road works and cycle lanes across the city of London. Mr Marr put it to the Labour Mayor of London that his policies are “driving car drivers out of London.”

Mr Marr told the Mayor: “If you can’t cycle it’s really hard to get around London.”

Mr Khan told LBC: “I do not want London to be gridlocked,”

“What I want London roads to do is be freed up for those who need to be using the roads, those in taxis, those who can’t cycle, plumbers, electricians.

“Because more and more people are driving their cars it means our road are gridlocked.”

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Mr Marr replied: “Bit by bit you’re trying to get ordinary car users out of London, and it seems to a lot of people that there is an underlying, secretive plan to get cars out of London.”

“I do want to also encourage those who don’t need to drive to not be drivers, so people like you can be freed up,” replied the Mayor of London. 

The LBC presenter said: “You have introduced new cycleways all around London.

“As somebody who can’t cycle for disability reasons, I’m finding it increasingly hard to get around this capital city.

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“It seems to me that large parts of London have become effectively a car park and they do have allowed roadworks to happen simultaneously all across a bit of London so that completely close to ordinary traffic.

“I’ve looked at the numbers now the average traffic speed in London in 2010 was 17 miles now which is not fast, and now it’s nine miles an hour.”

He asked Mr Khan: “Are you trying to drive car drivers out of London?”

“We’ve seen a post-pandemic a massive return to people driving their cars, rather than using public transport for reasons we understand because they’re concerned about social distance and the virus,” replied Mr Khan.

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“So we’ve got to give people an alternative to driving their car which means increasing the number of safe cycling,” he continued. 

“While the number of people who lose their lives on our roads is more I’m not equivocating people losing their lives by knife or by road traffic accidents is more and the serious injuries is more than cycling.

“So the number of premature deaths caused by air pollution it’s more than 4000 a year.

“I do not want London to be gridlocked.”

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