As war rages in Ukraine, Americans in Wyoming say climate and conservation top election issues

As war rages in Ukraine, Americans say climate and conservation top election issues

JACKSON, Wyo. – People in Jackson, Wyoming, told Fox News Digital that protecting the environment and the economy top their list when it comes to voting priorities, despite Russia’s war with Ukraine dominating headlines.

“I think my priorities are about the environment,” one man said. “We’ve got to do more to protect the environment.”

“I see that climate change is real, and I think that I’m worried about my children and my grandchildren and future generations,” he said.

Jackson, Wyoming

The man said the war in Ukraine was “unnecessary” and that “people have the right to be free.”

Omar, from Boise, Idaho, said the war was “crazy and sad.”

He told Fox News he was “very environmentally oriented.”

“Conservation-minded, and economy probably as well,” said Omar.

Outside shop in Jackson, WY.
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David, of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, said “freedom” was his biggest concern.

“Whether you like a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent, you get to vote for what you want,” he said.

Omar and Ashley speak to Fox News in Jackson, WY.


Randy, of Kansas City, Missouri, said: “Help our economy. Bring resources back to the U.S., supply our own oil and gas. It’s a priority right now.”

Ashley, also from Boise, said the economy was a top priority for her.

“Doing the right thing when it comes to other countries and being self-sufficient,” Ashley said. “Thinking out for ourselves first a little bit.”

Isabelle McDonnell contributed to this report.

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