BBC QT: Audience member ‘confused’ by UK attitudes to immigration

Question Time: Labour ‘preoccupied’ with Partygate says Tominey

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The man pointed out that Boris Johnson had come to power on the basis of his opposition to immigration and he argued that was “pretty much” what Brexit was about. He continued that it doesn’t make “any sense” as he argued many people particularly in the media appear to have pivoted to a pro-migration stance in contrast to a few years ago.

He said: “The thing is I’m really confused. I’m not agreeing with it but didn’t Boris Johnson come to power on the back of Brexit and issues of immigration and stuff?

“And now we’re saying that actually denying immigrants coming in is a bad thing.

“That’s pretty much what Brexit was partly about, no?

“So I’m really confused as to what the policy is, and saying ‘well now we need to invite the immigrants in’.


“I can’t say anything, I’m obviously of Asian descent and my parents came here and everything else.

“But I would just say there is no coherency when it comes to this, it doesn’t make any sense to anyone.

“Is it just because the tabloids are now saying we should now allow people in through safe routes and other mechanisms?

“But before we wanted to get rid of that many people from Europe saying it’s too much. So what’s correct?”

 A woman in the audience in Romford spoke after the man expressed horror at the Government’s plan to offshore asylum seekers to Rwanda.

She said: “ Sending people to Rwanda will not address the people traffickers and that’s the point being lost in this completely.

“ You need to get to the root of the people traffickers.

“You need to stop these people helping these people make these crossings.

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“These people are desperate; they want a new life.

“They’re fleeing god knows what and we want to send them off to Rwanda who have awful human rights.”

Panellist and Entrepreneur Bejay Mulenga, who is of Congolese descent, also weighed in on the debate.

He said: “How are we actually identifying who is here illegally and who is fleeing a real war?

“That is such a pertinent point we need to think about.”

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