BBC’s Kuenssberg says UK ‘supremely relaxed’ Brexit progress to be made next month

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BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg said one minister admitted to being “supremely relaxed” about the next phase of Brexit talks with the European Union. Negotiations have been plagued with complications, further exacerbated by the refusal from both sides to compromise on key aspects of the future trading relationship they have been trying to establish. But with the deadline for a deal set for the middle of next month, Ms Kuenssberg reported the UK has remained positive a solution will be found.

Speaking to the Today programme, Ms Kuennsberg said: “The choreography has got so much in common with that of last year, a period of histrionics, briefings, provocations, a little progress and then stand back and repeat for a couple of months.

“As we get to the end of the year but, more crucially, as we get closer to the EU Summit in the middle of October, there is more of an expectation.

“In fact, some ministers quietly…one has said to me they are ‘supremely relaxed’ to the negations grinding on over the next couple of weeks, and things will be resolved in the middle of this month.

“But there is a danger they are being too complacent as there are still sticking points for sure.”

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Michael Gove will be travelling to Brussels on Monday to attend the latest round of talks with Brussels before meeting with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

Fishing and state aid have remained the main point of contention through the past few months of the negotiations.

The relationship further soured after the Government tabled the controversial Internal Market Bill which the EU has claimed would jeopardise the Good Friday Agreement.

If the talks are successful, UK negotiator Lord Frost and Mr Barnier are hoping to enter the “tunnel”, where the final details will be hammered out in total secrecy, at the end of this week.

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