Biden Hints He Will Run For Presidency Again

President Joe Biden has indicated that he will seek re-election in 2024.

Biden was speaking after the results of the midterm elections came in, which saw Democrats stave off a Republican red wave.

“Our intention is to run again, that’s been our intention, regardless of what the outcome of this election was,” Biden said at the White House.

“Now, my intention is that I run again, Biden said, adding that it is ultimately, a family decision.

“I think everybody wants me to run, but we’re going to have discussions about it. And I don’t feel any hurry one way or another to make that judgment today, tomorrow, whenever, no matter what my predecessor does,” he said, in apparent reference to former President Donald Trump’s promise to make “a big announcement” about running in U.S. presidential election at an event to be held at Mar-a-Lago on November 15.

Biden later said he expects to officially decide whether to run for a second term “early next year.”

Biden did not conceal his “sigh of relief” over the mid-term election results, which still gives the Democrats a chance to retain control of the Senate, while the Republicans did not get the projected wave in their favor.

“And the fact that the Democratic Party outperformed anything anyone expected and did better than any off-year presidency since John Kennedy is one that gives everybody, like, “Hoo” — sigh of relief — that the mega Republicans are not taking over the government again.”

The battle for control of Congress is hanging in the balance as both the Democratic and Republican parties are neck-and-neck in the Senate while the latter is on course to regain majority in the House of Representatives.

The Republicans have won 49 seats, one ahead of the Democrats in the 100-member Upper House.

All eyes are on undecided Arizona and Nevada, as Georgia’s contest heads to a December 6 runoff.

Having won 209 seats in the 435-member House, Republicans are just 9 short of gaining simple majority of 218 seats.

Democrats have so far won 191 seats.

Biden made it clear that under no circumstances will he support the proposal put forward by Republican Senators to cut or make fundamental changes in Social Security and Medicare.

He also vowed that he will veto any attempt to pass a national ban on abortion.

At the same time, Biden said he is “ready to compromise with the Republicans where it makes sense on many other issues”.

“When I return from the G20 meetings in Indonesia with other world leaders, I’m going to invite the leaders of both political parties, as I’ve done in the past on my foreign trips, to the White House to discuss how we can work together for the remainder of this year and into the next Congress to advance the economic and national security priorities of the United States,” he told reporters.

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