Bill Maher: Defunding the police came from 'wokeness' and 'will get people killed'

Bill Maher shreds woke culture

HBO host mocks left-wing nuttery

Comedian Bill Maher slammed “woke” culture and said that defunding the police and ignoring the theory that the coronavirus came from a Chinese lab due to fear of being called racist are examples of how “wokeness” will “get people killed.”

“Let me give you an example, you said you think it doesn’t get anybody killed? I think it does,” Maher said on “Real Time” Friday night. “Defunding the police I think came from wokeness and it will get people killed.”

Maher added that he believes the refusal from major news outlets, specifically the New York Times, to cover the theory that the coronavirus came from a Chinese lab is another example of “wokeness” getting people hurt. 

“The Spectator says that The New York Times ‘refused to investigate’ [what] they call, ‘the biggest story of our time,’” Maher said. “They’re talking about where the virus originated, maybe it was in the Wuhan lab. Because — they ‘suppressed efforts to probe the virus’ origins’ for, among reasons, because they thought it was racist.”

Maher continued, “You see, because everything is race, come on, at The New York Times. And so, the paper of record is not reporting what I would expect the paper of record to report, the accurate news. That is an example of the power of wokeness. Yes, it does have power. So, it’s not just one-sided. It’s just not as bad [as authoritarianism on the right].”

Earlier in the show, Maher called on embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign following a report concluding he sexually harassed multiple women and said the scandal is worse than the blackface controversy that surrounded Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam.

“How is he still there?” Maher asked. “What does he think is gonna happen? Like, why would you stay at this moment? It’s been a whole week since the report came out. They’re going to impeach him if he doesn’t leave. Wouldn’t you rather go on your own accord? Wouldn’t you rather be, ‘You can’t fire me, I quit’ then get impeached in a week?”

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