Boris and EU ordered to ‘take their head out of sand’ and find new N.I protocol solution

EU urged to find Northern Ireland solution by O’Connor

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CEO of Scurri and delivery management expert Rory O’Connor argued the Northern Ireland post-Brexit trade issues couldn’t continue. During an interview with, Mr O’Connor insisted both the EU and Boris Johnson needed to sit down and renegotiate. He also claimed that triggering Article 16 would only make the situation worse.

EU ordered to ‘take their head out of the sand’ and deal with Brexit Britain agree to new

Mr O’Connor said: “It is up to Boris Johnson and the EU to fix the mess.

“Retail and suppliers efforts are not going to be enough to solve things for Northern Ireland because regulation is a key part in this.

“I think Article 16 would be disastrous and it would make things worse.

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“I think they need to be big boys and girls and sit down together and work it out.

“I know the UK has called for the grace period to be extended but we have seen over the years extension upon extensions don’t solve the problem.

“So sticking your head in the sand doesn’t solve it.

“People need to sit down together and work out a solution.

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“They need to work out a solution not in a couple of hours of days but rather have meaningful discussions.

“A solution that is meaningful, I think on the EU’s side the signals seem to be that there is a deal to be done but people need to sit down and do a deal.”

Brexit negotiator Lord David Frost earlier this week indicated he believes the European Union is prepared to negotiate on the Northern Ireland protocol. 

Lord Frost said the EU has done things it said it would never do during the Brexit negotiations and this fills him with confidence.

He also added that in just over a month the UK could finally know whether the N.I protocol issues can be resolved with the EU.

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He said: “We have to move rapidly now, I expect to get an answer from them in the next 10 days or so.

“We will then need a short and intensive period of negotiations, when I say short I am saying weeks, three weeks, that sort of period.

“After that, we will know, we will know whether it is possible to bridge this gap.

“I am not totally pessimistic about the ability to bridge the gap.

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